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Flowers wrapped in leather

BORN IN 1954/93



Patike is a young, creative and independent Swiss fashion brand that wants to spread their love for art, design and the people around them. A small team of ambitious people who like to take up new challenges and always strive for the best version of themselves and others!

Besides our love for the sneaker scene, we have discovered the craftsmanship with leather several years ago which we want to share with everyone. We are a brand that realizes its creative ideas freely. Since we develop and manufacture our products by ourselves, we are never limited and create everything that feels invigorating and fresh. From the culture, for the culture!



Our goal is to offer quality at a very fair price. Nowadays too much is produced too fast, so the buyer or admirer loses the story of the product and the quality. A brand should not be known only for its name, hype or luxurious prices - the goal should be quality, which can be achieved through honest work, skill, talent and endurance. We have taken many goals to heart and can only achieve them through you!

Therefore it is very important to receive feedback, in any form. This allows us to implement new ideas, work together and grow together.



We let life inspire us! We talk to our family and closest friends and hear incredibly fascinating stories about everyday problems, goals and dreams. Everyone has their own path and these paths cross. These conversations lead us to topics that inspire us, ideas become designs and these become products with a story and a heart. This is exactly the reason why our current products were created.

Personally, I have always been interested in shoes, materials, design and daydreaming. Who doesn't like to indulge in memories and plans for the future? I often watched my father making things and learned a lot from him (1993/1954).

A few years ago, after having the desire to start my own brand, I searched a long time for a suitable idea, a path that would lead me to fulfillment. Thankfully, I found the solution right in front of me and decided to start a new project with my father (he is already retired). By doing so, he teaches me his craft and his opinion on many topics that are still unknown to me - and I teach him about modern technology and the design of today's modern and yet old world.


Be excited, we are going to get some things going here. To answer the question - People and their stories, that's what inspires us! From the culture, for the culture.

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