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Release Lanyard v2

Aleksandar Joksimovic

Jun 25, 2023

Release Lanyard v2

We took our first version out of our stock, as we were not satisfied with the quality. We can now present you our new product, which is assembled and finished by hand in Zurich. The patch is made out of silicone which is very durable.


Our cord does not absorb water, this feature keeps the rope floating in the water and dries quickly, making it an excellent material. Be aware, the rope has the same look and feel as a climbing rope but is not suited for climbing activity. Don't use this rope as a lifeline!  

The difficulty with this production was that silicone can be crumbly depending on the composition. We were able to solve this by developing our own formula for our colors together with our partners. To bond the silicone to the cord, we had to find a special glue, as silicones are hardly bondable. Nevertheless, we found a solution for this as well!

Thanks to its properties, the cord is very light and very suitable for everyday use, it does not scratch and it is very comfortable to wear. The rope is additionally (OEKO-TEX®) certified.

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