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Unveiling the essence of our logo: A tribute to 90s kids and beyond


For our fall season, we would like to introduce you to our new "Vintage scarf". Available in blue and brown on a cream background, you'll be able to find a charming combination of tradition and style in this scarf.


Made of high quality polyacrylic, this scarf reflects authentic old school manufacturing. The same material that is used to make the famous Swoosh gloves of a well-known brand manufacturer, it guarantees premium quality and durability.



Material: high quality polyacrylic

Color options: Blue and brown on cream background

Length: 180cm

Width: 17,5cm


In a world brimming with symbols, our logo stands tall as a tribute to an era that holds a special place in the hearts of 90s kids. It encapsulates the nostalgia, vibrancy, and unfiltered creativity that defined that unforgettable decade. From the iconic pop culture references to the music, fashion, and trends that shaped our formative years, our logo pays homage to the spirit of the 90s and the indelible mark it left on us.

Vintage Scarf (Brown)

SKU: 00000001119
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